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The CARDO (also known as CARDO maximus) was a north-south oriented street in Roman cities, military camps, and Colonia.
The CARDO, an integral component of city planning, was lined with shops and vendors, and served as a hub of economic life were people used to share stories, food and wine to interact.
The shaded porticoes provided separation of pedestrian traffic from wheeled carts, shelter from the elements, space for small-scale commerce, as well as opportunities for residents and visitors to gather and interact.
And this is what our CARDO restaurant offers you in these modern times and after a long working day .
We meet up in a relaxing atmosphere to pamper you with our mouthwatering dishes, soothing music and great ambiance.
So please let us take you in a journey through time with our menu from around the Mediterranean region infusion.

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Italian, Bar - Restaurant, Meat, Mediterranean, French
Phone: 0539428697
Fax: 02-6277739
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sun- sat : 12:00 to 23:00
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According to the menu
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credit cards & cash